Why You Can’t Sell

When you are selling something, anything, the most important principle of all is that you believe you genuinely have a valuable proposition for your customer or client. If you don’t believe in the product you are selling, then why on earth would anyone else?

However, in this post I am going to answer a question which many salespeople and managers ask themselves on a daily basis; why on earth aren’t anyone biting on my pitch?

The Issue of a Perceived Sale

If you read my previous blog post from earlier this year where I go through how perception is everything you’ll know how I’ve just scratched the surface of why it’s more important how someone perceives something you say or do, rather than what you actually try to say or do. This is the short lesson of today’s post as well; no matter how you pitch your proposition to a cold customer, as long as their perception is telling you they are being sold to, chances are you’ll lose the sale.

So What if Someone Realizes I’m Selling?

Good question! Think of it this way, as I’ve said before in my introduction to selling anything to anyone, the art of selling is making a certain impression. To create the sense of value you need to close a sale, you need to convey a certain impression to your customer. Because each customer is different, you will essentially need to manipulate in order to sell efficiently. Though a harsh reality, it’s something which is important and helpful to be aware of when you are selling.

What happens when someone is aware you are selling to them is they feel as though you are trying to manipulate them and their guard comes up. Closing a sale requires trust, and more often than not that requires you to take other routes than the script your manager has put in front of you.

How Someone Perceives you are Selling to Them

The idea is simple; if someone’s perception of what constitutes a sale is aligned with your process of selling something, then they will experience your method as selling. However, if your sales process steers clear of your target’s idea of what “selling” is, then your chances of building trust, offering something of value and closing a sale skyrocket!

This requires a different way of selling to different kinds of people. Yet another reason why sales scripts are a bad idea. Write the main points down which you want to get across in a call or a meeting, and then feel out your customer and figure out the best way for each particular target to realize the value of what it is you are selling, and what good it would do them.

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Selling Anything to Anyone

Hi everyone! My name is Kent Vorland, director and founder of Becama Holdings, or just Becama in trading. I’ve spent the last years as in sales an marketing, working on Wall Street, in San Francisco and now in London. I’ve been dealing with clients on all levels from all over the world, and I want you to be able to do the same by sharing my experiences. In our blog I will be writing about what my headline tells you – how to sell anything to anyone. By “selling” I am not only talking about what to say when you are cold calling a prospect, but a much larger spectrum. Selling is not confined to a transaction of money for a product or service. Selling is getting an idea through. For instance when deciding which restaurant to choose for Valentine’s day, or selling your argument in a debate. If you’re an actor getting into a role, paid or not, you need to “sell it!” Every aspect of your performance, from the words that come out of your mouth to the colour of your shoes.

Classy Outfit Is always the best

Tip: Perception decides on impression, but staying professional and classy gets you a long way with most people.

Let’s take schools as an example. Have you ever thought about what makes the class clown so funny you smile even when they’re just answering the teacher’s question? Or why the best liked teachers are so well liked? These roles tend to display similar characteristics, no matter what school or class you look at. One could go as far as to say they are “selling” their personalities to fit in these roles! The beauty of selling is that no matter what you’re selling or to whom, there are universal factors and applications. Many find it hard to believe that sometimes you need to sell a company in the same way you sell lemonade. Or you need to reach out to someone you’ve never met, in the same way you would reach out to an old friend. But it’s true, and I want to teach you how to apply these same principles to your life, private and professional.

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See you soon and good selling!