Company Diagnosis

Becama’s Company Diagnosis is a one-off report which consists of the following steps:

Initial consultation

An expert from Becama will sit with the client in order to assess their goals and ideas for where they’ve been, current status and where they wish to go. This is an excellent chance to present goals and ambitions for channels you wish to grow or introduce.

Channel Screening

Access to current channels will be required in order to assess historic quality and progression. Becama will put each channel to the test and report on how they can be improved moving forward.

Tool Screening

One of the main reasons companies fall behind in their efforts to get their brand out to the world in the 21st century is simply not being aware of the tools available to them. Becama will look at the current technology used, and make recommendations which may include switching tools, introducing new ones, or simply getting rid of them.

Final Report

Following the steps above, you will receive a full report from Becama about the state of your company and how you can get better.

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