Call Center Management

Let Becama manage and build your call center

No matter what size business you have, it’s vital to have someone deal with customer support, retention, up-selling and even prospecting. Becama already has established, successful call centers which provides your business with anything from someone answering customer’s email, to a fully established team, for a fraction of the price of hiring your own.

Becama always acts on your behalf. Our team will introduce themselves as your company and never as Becama. Your customers will always be under the impression they are speaking directly with your company.

Here are some areas where Becama can help your company prosper:

Customer Support

One of the most time- and soul-draining activities you’ll have to take care of when running a business is being available to talk to customers about any kind of issues they may have. This is of course to retain customers, avoid poor reviews and to simply establish a strong, credible brand.

However, there is no reason why you should have to take care of this yourself. By freeing up your, and your team’s, time to focus on expanding the business, you’ll be much more efficient. Customer support is an algorithm. It’s a series of answers to the same questions which keep coming in. Let Becama handle your customers so you can handle business.

Customer Retention

Retention is part of the customer support. We make sure when someone calls, they hang up with a smile. We make sure they are always happy and content. Whether they are calling for help, information or just for a chat, Becama will make sure they have a great experience with your company.

Up- and cross-selling

A highly underrated branch of sales is up- and cross-sales. This can generate a tremendous amount of additional income, but you have to know when to try and sell and when to stick to support. Everyone on our support teams are managed and mentored by Kent Vorland who has years of experience with coaching and building sales teams. Your team will know when to sell and what to sell in order to increase your additional revenue streams.


We have our own, proprietary prospecting procedures, which have landed deals of all shapes and sizes from nothing. Whether you’re looking for one-man bands or international conglomerates, we know how to get in touch with them.


Do you run a marketing company with 1000 numbers you’d like to call, but you don’t have the time or resources? Or perhaps you’d like to simply go through your client list to ask them about your product? Get in touch with us and you can have your very own, full-time representative making calls on your behalf.

Call Center Pricing

This will vary depending on your needs, how big of a team you’d like and what you’re selling. In some cases we accept a lower fee for commission, depending on the product you are selling. For more information about pricing, have a look at our pricing page.

Our keyword is “flexibility.” We want your business to prosper and will do what we can to accommodate your needs and business structure.