The Elevator Pitch

Can you sell your idea in 15 seconds?

The Elevator Pitch is the 21st century way pitching for entrepreneurs and aspiring inventors everywhere. One of the most difficult aspects of starting for yourself is, as we all know too well, acquiring the funds to build, test and run your concept. Then, if you’ve come this far, you’ll need investors to take your company to the next level.

This is where the Elevator Pitch comes in. We live in a world where direct access to investors, institutional and private, has become almost a tabu. Even though now you can get to anything with the click of a button, finding investors is still relegated to going networking, applying for near to impossible incubator/accelerator programs, or even worse, going to an investment bank or crowfunding platform where they’ll pick on you for months and if they find the money they’ll charge a solid % on top of that, some from the money you’ve raised and some charge it from the investors. In either case it’s a lot more expensive than it needs to be if investors and entrepreneurs could simply get in touch with each other, leaving out the middle-man.

So why is the middle-man still there?

There’s a simple reason for that… Money… Investment brokers make an obscene amount of money from simply allowing a company to tap into their network of investors. For this same reason will they not want to simplify the process, and instead scare first-time entrepreneurs with industry jargon and promise of endless paperwork and certifications the entrepreneur can only get right through working with the broker.

But don’t they have a point?

Yes and no. Sure, there are things investors will want to see before putting their money in your company, but why can’t they ask for that directly? If you need £15,000 just to get a proof of concept done, or £1,500,000 to take your product to market, why can’t the investor simply ask you what he/she’d like to see for you to prepare? The Elevator Pitch allows this, and gets you in touch with the people who matter, while investors can pick and choose the ideas that suit them.

What is an Elevator Pitch?

The concept of an elevator pitch was born as an idea that working in a large company, think a New York City skyscraper, would once in a blue moon give you the chance to talk to the top executives when passing in the hallways. However, if you’re on the 15th floor and the CEO is on the 52nd, chances are you don’t see them in the hallways too often, and if you do, they probably don’t have time to stop for a chat. However, there’s one place in the building where you can meet with the CEO and he won’t be going anywhere; at least not for 15 solid seconds. You guessed it, the elevator. If you had the idea that would take this massive company to the next level, and you wanted to pitch to the CEO, an elevator ride could be your only shot and you’d have to be able to pitch the idea before the ride was over.

This is what The Elevator Pitch application is all about. We know investors are busy, so we only allow 15 seconds for you to prove that your idea is a killer. All you need to do is peak their interest and then you’ll get the chance to do a longer pitch once you have their attention.

Try your pitching abilities and upload a video today for investments tomorrow!

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