Q the Music

Q the Music is a brand new application, currently in its final stages of development and testing. It’s origin was based on extreme levels of irritation after having to sit through endless skipping and pausing of songs if you’re attending a party or just playing music at a friend’s house. Everyone wants their say in what songs are being played!

With Q the Music you’ll never have to worry about skipping, pausing or having to switch which phone the music is playing from again. As long as you have Spotify or Apple Music, you can simply create a playlist for anyone to join, private or public, where only you are allowed to skip, pause or delete songs. While the ones you allow to join your playlist will be able to search the entire library of your provider, choose a song and queue it to the playlist. They don’t need Spotify or Apple Music, they’ll simply search whichever provider the creator, or host, of the playlist is using!