How We Work

The truth is there really is no clear answer to this. The reason is simple. We adapt to your business and industry to become part of your team. This means, we deliver our services in unison with how you run your business. If you need us to work hands-on with your customers, clients or partners, we will happily do so, using your name/brand when we reach out to make it look like we are 100% from your company.

When you hire us, we make sure to ask you all the right questions to establish how involved you would like us to be. If you need someone to help bring in large partner deals, we can do everything from prospecting companies and contacts, to sitting around the table negotiating the final contracts. We take on the parts you’d like us to assist you with and let you take care of the rest. Becama’s easy-3 model is all you need to know in order to determine how we can work together:

Becama’s Easy-3

What Do You Do?

We will never take your money unless we are 100% sure we are able to contribute to your business development. We will ask you a few questions about what you do in order to determine whether or not it would make sense for your business to work with us. If not Becama, we will make sure you are referred to someone who can help you.

What Can We Do?

Once we’ve had a look at what you do and how you’d like to work with us, we put together a small list of suggested tasks for Becama to take care of. Included will be pricing structure as well as any other additional information you should know before giving the final sign-off.

Grow Your Business!

Watch your business grow as we work together. The timeline for when you see results will depend on service and your available budget. However, we will always make sure you are happy with your company’s progress!

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