Call Centers – Should you look into one?

We’ve all been there; we get a call, from a number we don’t know, and in the spur of an adventurous moment, we decide to answer the phone. A representative on the other side tells you they promise to not take much of your time, and depending on their reason for reaching out to you they’ll tell you one of the following:

  • Are you the one responsible for recruiting in your company? (or something similar)
  • Are you aware that you can retrieve a lot of money by letting us handle your PPI claim?
  • We see here that you were in a car accident in the past three years, is this correct?
  • Are you happy with your current energy provider?
  • … and soooo much more!

    Chances are these calls have come from a call center. This means you have a bunch of people who are constantly on the phone, calling to sell or survey. If you’ve called a large company you’ve probably also called a call center where another bunch of people sit to take calls.

    Do call centers work?

    Many look down upon call centers and find it annoying to constantly get unsolicited calls because we left our number on a website three years ago. However, as someone who has actually worked in a call center, I can assure you, they work. When you’re constantly on the phone, making a few hundred calls per day, your skin hardens and the word “no” goes from annoying to synonym for “onto the next!”

    Who works in call centers?

    The call center crew is made up of resilient, ambitious individuals, with an endless pit of energy and drive. You might see them as an annoying bunch, yell at them, use them as stress-release, but the truth is, seasoned telemarketers won’t care. If you said no, they’ve moved on the moment the next number is dialing. This is what make call centers so efficient and in turn, profitable. You’re paying bottom dollar for maximum value. Of course, you need to make sure the telemarketers hired are screened, promising and that you have someone who can follow up on them to make sure they’re meeting targets.

    How Becama helps you

    Becama hosts call center capabilities where instead of having to incur overheads, recruiting and all other associated costs of setting up your call center, you can start by simply starting with one telemarketer working full-time for your company. You pay one monthly price which includes everything; phones, computers, office space, bills, you name it… When you feel it’s time, you can start expanding to more than one full time marketer, getting higher value the more marketers you choose to get for your company. You can read more about our call center management here.

    If you have any questions about call centers, or are looking into the idea, feel free to ask us anything in the comments below or get in touch with us.

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